A bright palette of spices, sauces and aromatic herbs are the elements that give a special charm to the Pan-Asian cuisine.Who will fall in love with this culinary direction one day - will love it forever.


The cocktail concept of Boho is a symbiosis of classic hits and masterpieces, doomed to success, both in the circle of true gourmets and admirers of bar culture and among people far from the ideology of modern mixology.

Vocal Bar

After few cocktails and delisiouse dinner it's time to enjoy the atmosphere soaked with exquisite sounds. Here you can swing on the musical sets waves of the best DJs of the capital and Europe or create a spectacle, fully showing your vocal talents.

Boho is a space where pleasures is a Cult. Here, refined food and drinks are turned into philosophy and the meaning of life. You will like being a part of our Cult. The Cult of pleasure. The Boho Cult.